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   SONGUL LIGHTING COMPANY has been one of the leading companies in the domain of illumination products in Turkey, specializing in crystal chandelier trimming since 1984.
Our company’s professional staff carefully craft modern, classic, and custommade chandeliers and various light fixtures based on the customers’ vision, all made with impeccably high quality materials in our 9,095 square feet factory. SONGUL’s workforce consist of some of the best lighting designers, engineers and workers. Each member of SONGUL’s team works toward exquisite and unique products for their clients, fulfilling their imagination by transforming the creative vision into unforgettable lighting experiences. Our main goal is to remain as the best option for our clients who are mainly from hospitality, aviation, nautical, corporate and retail industries.
With the vision of making our name a globally known and trusted brand, Songul Lighting exports only domestically manufactured products to many different locations around the globe. Our collaboration with the largest crystal manufacturer in the world, ASFOUR Crystal and innovative and sustainable light technologies company OSRAM, support our cause around the world.

    ASFOUR, established for over fifty-five years, a leading firm in the domain of crystal manufacturing, globally. Every single piece of crystal that is released from ASFOUR Crystal factories undergoes rigorous inspection and testing before it receives the ASFOUR emblem trademark.Each piece is guaranteed to never change color and spectrum of light, contain absolutely no blurs, bubbles or streaks and will remain luminous and radiant for life.

    OSRAM, on the other hand, offers a broad portfolio of specialty light options for a broad range of technicaland professional applications. OSRAM solutions deliver unforgettable lighting experiences for a sustainableand energy-efficient world. OSRAM ranks 11th in the Global 100 Ranking of Corporate Knights (CN is an award-winning business and society media, research and financial information products company focused on promoting a clean capitalism) and awarded as the most sustainable company in Germany.

    SONGUL LIGHTING values customer satisfaction and product quality above everything else. We meticulously create the most pleasant lighting without having to compromise aesthetics and functionality. This is achieved by our team who keenly analyzes each project before it is brought to life.

    With many outstanding projects signed in Turkey and around the world, we have a variety of products, equipment and experience to meet all kinds of demands. Our company closely follows the changing world with its six branches abroad.

    Rightfully so, SONGUL LIGHTING is respected around the world. We have been involved in reputable projects in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Germany, Serbia, Austria, Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Qatar, and UAE.

    Another major accomplishment was designing and manufacturing the entirety of the lighting products inside of the Turkish Presidential Complex and its recently completed public library that is one of the biggest libraries in the world.

    SONGUL’s other proudest successes were the three award-winning projects where SONGUL LIGHTING COMPANY designed, produced and installed all the illumination for Mangal Steak House, Rixos Thermal Eskisehir Hotel and Kazan Palace by Tasigo Hotel.
    Luxury Lifestyle Awards is one of the most prestigious and global awards in selecting, recognizing,celebrating and promoting the best luxury goods and services awarded Mangal Steak House in Baku,Azerbaijan, not once but twice in 2015 and 2018. The World Architecture Festival (WAF) is an annual festival and awards ceremony which is the most prestigious events dedicated to the architecture and development industry. Rixos Thermal Hotel in Eskisehir,Turkey is amongst the top 10 hotels and awarded in 2015.

    During the 2018-2019 European Property Awards, the Kazan Palace by Tasigo Hotel received the award for “The Best Hotel Construction and Design” in Russia. The European Property Awards identify the highest levels of achievement in real estate, development, architecture, interior design and marketing in both residential and commercial sectors, focusing on services, sustainability, high living standards, ergonomics,originality and creativity.

    Following the globalizing world and technological developments closely, SONGUL LIGHTING is advancing confidently towards providing the best service to our valued customers with the awareness of being upto date in design and quality. We sculpt with light to dramatize architectural spaces and elevate interior design,shape mood and ambiance, perfectly balancing practical and aesthetic concerns. Our dynamic and architectural solutions provide the tools to ignite your creativity and expand your lighting vocabulary.

    SONGULLINI LIGHTING COMPANY is now proudly established within the United States under SONGUL LIGHTING COMPANY, carrying over the same owners, designers, engineers, quality, creativity, agility and values toprovide and serve our clients in the Americas as well.

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